Friends & Collaborators

A linear isolated stimulator

University of Minnesota

Justin Anker, Department of Psychiatry

Philip C. Burton, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

Christine Conelea, Department of Psychiatry 

Steve Engel, Department of Psychology

Melissa Fisher, Department of Psychiatry

Andrea N. Grant, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

Annie Haynos, Department of Psychiatry

Suma Jacob, Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics

Byron Muller, Department of Psychiatry

Jessica Nielson, Department of Psychiatry & Institute for Health Informatics

Cheryl A. Olman, Department of Psychology -- Michael-Paul's PhD Advisor

Scott R. Sponheim, Department of Psychiatry & VA Medical Center

Ian Ramsay, Department of Psychiatry

Sophia Vinogradov, Department of Psychiatry

Essa Yacoub, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

Members of Cognition and Brain in Psychopathology Lab


University of Washington

Geoff M. Boynton, Department of Psychology

Ione Fine, Department of Psychology

Scott O. Murray, Department of Psychology -- Michael-Paul's Post-doc Advisor

Members of the Vision & Cognition Group



Richard A.E. Edden, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Radiology and Radiological Science

Fang Jiang, University of Nevada Reno, Department of Psychology

Scott A. Langenecker, University of Utah, Department of Psychiatry -- Michael-Paul's Bachelor's Honors Advisor

Damien J. Mannion, University of New South Wales Sydney, School of Psychology

Thomas Naselaris, Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Neurosciences

Sara L. Weisenbach, Stony Brook University, Department of Psychiatry


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